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Conquer Potty Training

Author: Mike Yates

Conquer potty training

Getting a child to start using the restroom like an adult can be challenging, to say the least. For some children it is a breeze as they take to using the toilet right away. Other children, on the other hand, can take a year or even longer to become comfortable in the bathroom.

It is important to begin the potty training process when your child is ready. Look for clues that she is thinking about what it means to use the toilet. For instance, she may ask you why she doesn't have big girl underwear or question why other kids at daycare don't wear diapers. These may be great times to discuss what it means to be a big kid and ask her if she's ready to ditch the diapers.

"If your child has no desire to use the potty, chances are she's just not ready," says Ari Brown, MD, coauthor of Toddler 411 explained to Parents Magazine. If she does have the desire to learn more about using the toilet, spend time educating her on the matter. There are a variety of children's books and short films about using the potty that may be useful.

If your child is of potty training age by hasn't expressed any interest or refuses to try to toilet, resist the urge to force her into it. Baby Center says taking small steps and introducing her to the idea of potty training slowly is the best way to diffuse the situation.

When it comes time try training, expect accidents and stay calm with they occur. Your child will need your support and reassurance if she has a accident or leak. Most children respond best to a reward system when it comes to potty training, the source suggests. Reward good behavior and stay patient and all of your efforts are sure to pay off.

In Brief

  • Getting a child to start using the restroom like an adult can be challenging, to say the least.

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