Five Ways To Get Your Kids To Stop Fighting With Each Other

Author: Arthur Truax

Five ways to get your kids to stop fighting with each other

Sometimes in a household with more than one child, things can start to look like World War III. Fists are thrown, hurtful words are exchanged and it seems unlikely that they will ever grown up and act civilized towards each other. This can be both very upsetting and exhausting for parents as they wonder what they did wrong to make their children seem to hate each other. But keep in mind that they will likely grow out of it - hey, you probably didn't get along with your siblings either. In the meantime, try using these five suggestions for a more peaceful household.

1. Set ground rules - suggests that the most important thing you can do is stick to ground rules. Reward those that follow the rules and discipline those that don't. If kids are fighting over who gets to watch TV, for example, designate certain times each child gets to pick a show. Do not waiver on times or on punishments for disobeying and fighting.

2. Plan family outings - Having fun as a family can help everyone realize they can have a good time together without arguing. When an argument occurs later, remind them how much fun they had on the outing to diffuse the situation.

3. Stay out of it - Let them figure out their own problems. Unless there is a risk for physical danger, having the children talk it out and come up with their own solution a good life lesson.

4. Point out what's important in life - Parenting Magazine suggests that parents explain to kids that these little disputes are not a matter of life and death and family is the most important thing in life.

5. Give a lot of hugs - Showing each child that you love them and that they are equally important should reduce fighting. Many siblings have rivalries over parents' affection, so make the rivalry obsolete.  

In Brief

  • Sometimes in a household with more than one child, things can start to look like World War III.

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