Ways To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat

Author: Velma Lamoureux

Ways to get your picky eater to eat

Having a child that will not eat most foods can be concerning. You may worry that he's not receiving the recommended daily vitamins and nutrients. A picky eater also make things difficult when you prepare meals for the family or go out to eat at restaurants. Therefore, consider following a few of these suggestions to make life a little easier and help that little tummy to get full of nutrients.

Mayo Clinic offers a variety of tips for children who do not eat, such as make eating fun. PBS says that parents can make mealtime fun by doing activities such as taste tests, family cooking contests or learning about food history.

You can do this by dressing up otherwise plain foods with delicious sauces or special treats. For instance, if your child will eat sweets, try giving him a bowl of whipped cream and a few strawberries. If he accepts this as a snack, slowly add more fruit every time you serve it.

Pediatrician Dr. Christine Wood suggests that parents make realistic expectations about what and how much their children are going to eat. She says that it is a good rule of thumb to expect a child to eat the number of tablespoons of food that are equal to his age. Therefore, a child that is three years old should eat approximately three tablespoons of lima beans.

Also, encourage siblings and other family members to set a good example to your picky eater. Consider talking to them privately about not complaining about what is for dinner show enthusiasm while eating. Be a good role model yourself by eating a variety of healthy foods. 

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  • Having a child that will not eat most foods can be concerning.
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