Five Benefits Of Becoming A Vegetarian

Author: Arthur Truax

Five benefits of becoming a vegetarian

Many people have at least considered becoming a vegetarian at one point in their life. Maybe you even tried to maintain a vegetarian diet for a while, but then were lured away at the sight of a juicy hamburger or a pepperoni pizza. However, there are many lesser known benefits to being a vegetarian. Consider how altering your diet could help you now and in the long run.

1. Decrease risk of disease - According to Brown University, vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease and may even have a lower risk of developing some cancers. These diseases aresome of the top causes of death for Americans, so why not avoid certain foods to live longer?

2. Vegetarian dishes are simple - Most of the meals you will eat as a vegetarian are easy to cook. This is because you will be more likely to use only whole ingredients and will be less tempted to cook with meats that are full of preservatives and fat. Not only are those foods bad for your health, but they can take more work to prepare.

3. Vegetarian alternatives are delicious - To some people this sounds counter-intuitive. Meatless chicken nuggets, for instance, don't sound too appealing. But there are a lot of great companies that offer meat alternatives that taste amazing. For example, Quorn makes their foods from a mushroom originally grown in England. The chicken nuggets taste like your meat filled favorites, and unlike many frozen chicken brands, you know exactly what you're eating.

4. Make an animal happy - Although you may have gotten pretty good at ignoring the fact eating meat involves killing animals, the animal lover deep down in you would probably rather you stick to a vegetarian diet.

5. You can switch it up - You don't have to be a vegetarian for life, consider following a meatless diet every other week and reap the benefits while still enjoying grilled chicken breast every once in a while.

In Brief

  • Many people have at least considered becoming a vegetarian at one point in their life.

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