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Four Reasons To Get Your Beauty Sleep

Author: Stella Giese

Four reasons to get your beauty sleep

Sleep is imperative to one's overall health and well being. However, many people stay up late every night, browsing the web or watching late night talk shows and miss out on vital hours of sleep. Although you may feel as though you are functioning just fine on four or five hours of sleep a night, experts say that you are doing your body a great injustice. Consider these top reasons why you should hit the hay a little early in order to replenish your body and wake up feeling great.

1. Save money - This may not make sense at first glance. How are you wasting money by not sleeping? But the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) says that approximately $15.9 million is directly spent on sleepiness and between $50 to $100 billion is indirectly spent on not getting enough shut eye. This is due to the number of car crashes that are caused by a driver who has sleep deprivation. Furthermore, 1,500 Americans die every year in these accidents.

2. Decreased risk of disease - Harvard Health explains that people who do not get enough sleep can alter their immune systems and therefore make it harder for the body to fight off illness and disease including cancer. Additionally, sleep disorders can increase stress and be detrimental to your cardiovascular health.

3. Live longer - In 2010, there were more deaths of women age 50 to 79 who got less than five hours of sleep per night, reports the Huffington Post. This illustrates how the body is able function better overall when it receive the proper amount of sleep.

4. Smaller waistline - Fox News explains that metabolism and sleep go hand in hand. When you don't get enough sleep your metabolism can slow down and you can even be hungrier during the day.

In Brief

  • Sleep is imperative to one's overall health and well being.

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