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Four Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

Author: Scott Burleigh

 Four ways to boost your energy naturally

Between long days in the office and taking care of the kids, life can get exhausting. In order to get more energy to make it through the day, you are probably like most people and drink coffee or energy drink. However, these can cause unwanted side effects such as anxiety and jittery nerves. Consider instead boosting your energy naturally. There are a variety of simple ways to feel better without having to spend your hard earned money at a coffee shop.

1. Quit smoking - Everyone knows that smoking is detrimental to your health, but did you know it is also bad for your energy level? According to Harvard Health, can decrease your energy by causing insomnia. Just one more reason to kick the habit.

2. Go for a walk - Sometimes you feel tired simply because you haven't moved in a while. If you feel yourself getting tired at work, go for a short walk outside to get energized. Dr. Robert Thayer of California State University told WebMD that a 10 minute walk can increase your energy for up to two hours.

3. Eat more protein - Protein plays a role in regulating blood sugar and therefore it is important in maintaining your energy. When you are feeling sluggish, try drinking a glass of milk or having a high protein snack and notice the difference it can make.

4. Grab a bottle of water - You may be tired because you are dehydrated. Enjoy a refreshing glass of water to wake up. Add a bit of lemon to really put some pep in your step. The vitamin C in the citrus can increase your energy and the smell of it can also provide a boost.

In Brief

  • Between long days in the office and taking care of the kids, life can get exhausting.

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