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Get The Most Out Of Your Daily Jog

Author: Mike Yates

Get the most out of your daily jog

Getting in shape and staying fit is a prominent goal for most people. Therefore, many do their best to eat a healthy diet and maintain a regular work out regime. A daily run or jog is part of this routine for many Americans and this is easy to see as joggers seem to be everywhere, both in cities and suburbs.

However, if you go running every{insert space}day, you may find yourself getting bored with the monotony of your route or the overall experience. Not only does this put you at risk for quitting your routine all together, it can even cause your body to stop working as efficiently and the exercise will be less effective. Consider amping up your jog with a few simple tips and tricks and feel the difference it can make.

Get the most out of your run by preparing your body beforehand. Wear comfortable and well laced shoes, stretch and eat a healthy snack before running to get a maximized work out, Shape Magazine advises.

Switch up the route you take on your jog in order to get a change of scenery, but also run on different terrains. Fitness Magazine suggests alternating your path so that some days you run on grass, dirt or sand instead of just pavement. Softer surfaces can put less strain on the joints and can also help you to exercise different muscles for a great workout. Just be sure to be familiar with these new terrains in order to keep yourself safe and avoid the risk of falls and injury.

Triathlete Europe explains that even running beginners can benefits from running in intervals. By periodically changing your pace during a run and alternating the distance you travel each day, you can help your body build endurance and avoid adapting to a routine, which can decrease fat burning.

In Brief

  • Getting in shape and staying fit is a prominent goal for most people.

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