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How To Build Stamina

Author: Scott Burleigh

How to build stamina

Long-distance running is among the best ways to stay fit, promote circulation and improve cardiovascular health. However, it is also among the most difficult athletic activities. When we first try, many of us find that we are exhausted after only a few minutes of strenuous running.

Rather than give up, however, it is important to keep pushing. Although it can sometimes feel tortuous, building endurance is one of the best ways to improve your overall health. Of course, simply running longer each time will help you improve your stamina incrementally, there are a few things you can do that will have a marked success.

Here are some of the most effective methods to build your stamina.

Understanding endurance
The first thing to do is to comprehend your goal. Essentially, there are two types of endurance: distance and speed. The first refers to how far you can run, while the second focuses on the speed at which you do it. Traditionally, beginning runners want to add length to their workouts, while more experienced individuals aim to complete them ever faster.

Going longer
If your aim is to add distance to your runs, it is good to train at a slower pace. By avoiding overly exerting yourself, you will find that adding miles to your workouts is easy. Keeping a steady pace and focusing on extending your runs will help you tack on miles over time.

A big component of this approach is your attitude. If you make a point of running a little longer than you did last time, you will find that it is not as difficult as you imagined. As your endurance grows, you will feel stronger at the end of each session and ready to push it a little longer.

Going stronger
To add speed to your workouts, you must focus more on technique. Minimizing unnecessary movements and maintaining a smooth, efficient stride is crucial. Although you will eventually want to combine speed and distance, in the beginning you can isolate velocity by running shorter distances at a higher rate.

In Brief

  • Here are some of the most effective methods to build your stamina.

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