Keys To A Great Smoothie

Author: Marguerite Willett

Keys to a great smoothie

If done right, smoothies might just be the ideal health food. They use fresh ingredients, are infinitely adaptable and can be eaten on the run. By learning a few fundamentals, you can make a great smoothie every time.

Use frozen fruit
One of the things that makes a smoothie so refreshing is its frostiness. Adding ice, though, can make the drink watery or - worse - choppy. Using frozen fruit solves this dilemma elegantly - they add no superfluous water and they blend more evenly. Also, frozen fruit is often cheaper than fresh and it can even be more nutritious (because fruit is often frozen at the peak of its freshness).

Add a little juice
Even though you don't want your smoothie watery, you do need some liquid to allow the blender to puree the other ingredients. Any juice can work nicely, but looking for one with as little sugar and other additives as possible will help keep your smoothie healthy.

Add some body
A smoothie made of just fruit and juice - while still delicious - may lack the texture you're after if you're used to a thick smoothie. Here, you can get creativity. Milk can add a creaminess to a smoothie, while yogurt gives it a certain heft. If it's a dessert smoothie, low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt can really put it over the top.

Pump up the protein
If you're hoping to use a smoothie as a meal replacement, you might want to consider some protein. Soy and whey powders are common choices that don't disrupt the flavor much - although you may want to add a little more liquid to keep the texture right - but peanut butter can also be a flavorful touch.

In Brief

  • If done right, smoothies might just be the ideal health food.

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