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The Benefits And Pleasures Of Reading

Author: Stella Giese

The benefits and pleasures of reading

As technology continues to burrow itself more deeply into our everyday lives, slowly letting go of more traditional forms of entertainment can be easy. The pastimes often lose footing without putting up much of a fight. It is sometimes worthwhile, however, to check in to see what we are giving up.

Reading, for example, offers many irreplaceable advantages that are worth considering before entirely slamming those books shut.

Reduces stress
Engaging in a book has been shown to lower stress and encourage general tranquility. As opposed to time spent interacting with a computer or phone (which have both been shown to decrease your attention span) reading books can help promote a more relaxed mood.

Exercises your brain
In addition to simply building your vocabulary, reading can improve your analytical skills, memory and even vision, according to Ken Pugh, director of Yale's Haskins Laboratories.

Improves discipline
In a world that is increasingly sliced into finer and finer segments, reading a long book can be a great way to stem that tide. Taking the time to read a book in its entirety can help you build mental stamina and discipline which can translate into many separate categories of your life.

Hones your writing skills
Whether it's composing a memo at your job or drafting a letter to a friend, writing crops up in many facets of your life. Reading helps bolster your writing skills and allows you to more nimbly express yourself in words.

Sets a good example
Many of us encourage our children to read for school and pleasure, but don't take the advice ourselves. This "do as I say, not as I do" mentality doesn't set a good example for our children and can discourage them from the healthy hobby implicitly. If you want them to take a page from you, open a book.

It's easy to feel there isn't enough time to read regularly, but by making it a priority you can unlock reading's many and varied benefits.

In Brief

  • Reading offers many irreplaceable advantages that are worth considering before entirely slamming those books shut.

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