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Three Favorites You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Author: Stella Giese

Three favorites you should avoid when trying to lose weight

It seems that everyone is always trying to lose weight. This will especially be the case as the time for New Year's resolutions are quickly approaching and gym memberships are made available at an all time low. For someone that is trying to lose weight, it is of course important to get exercise and eat the right foods - but what about the wrong foods? Many people eat foods every day, even when dieting, that they really should be avoiding. If you are someone who is hoping to finally lose the weight by eating right, consider avoiding these common items that are worse than they seem.

1. Cream based coffee drinks - Coffee is one of those things that many people associate with being low calorie. However, coffee that is cream-based, such as a blended frappuccino, is packed with fat and empty calories. It doesn't taste so delicious because it's blended with carrots - it's blended with cream.

2. Bagels - It's no secret that bagels are extremely high in carbohydrates, so why does everyone eat them constantly? Sure, they might be a low maintenance breakfast or snack option but most offer little nutritional value and once the cream cheese and topping{s} are piled on, you have created a huge diet buster. If you must have a bagel, consider toasting it, scraping out the insides, and filling it will a low calorie topping like Greek yogurt and lox.

2. Deli meat - Deli meat can seem innocent enough, but don't let it fool you. Most deli meat, like turkey and ham slices, are packed with preservatives which can be very harmful to the body and to your diet. Even though deli meat often has labels that claim to be low in fat and calories, they are usually high in salt and sugar which can cause you to bloat and provide little nutritional value.

In Brief

  • It seems that everyone is always trying to lose weight.

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