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Three Ways To Be Healthy In The Office

Author: Bobby Warnock

Three ways to be healthy in the office

If you work in an office, you probably spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk. While your fingers may be getting a decent amount of exercise as you type away on emails and documents, the rest of your body is essentially going to waste. Furthermore, it can seem impossible to eat healthy while at work. Fellow employees are always going out for lunch and people often bring in bagels, doughnuts and desserts. You're probably wondering what you can do to be healthy while working in the office.

Consider these simple ways you can improve your diet and your ability to exercise at nine to five.

1. Sit on a ball - Just because you can't hop on an elliptical machine in between meetings doesn't mean you have to sit in your swivel chair all day. Mayo Clinic suggests trading your office chair for a fitness ball. Using a ball will require you to stay balanced, causing you to use and tone core muscles throughout the day.

2. Take the right kind of breaks - It's understandable you'll want to take a break during the day, however, there's no reason to sit in the break room and chow down on sweets. A better way to spend your time off would be to take a brisk walk around town or walk up and down the stairs a few times. Any little bit helps and it will make you feel more energized.

3. Pack lunch - Although it is fun to catch up with co-workers during a lunch break, don't make a habit of it. Not only is eating out bad for your waistline, it's bad for your wallet. Try packing lunch and snacks instead. Experts suggest eating several, small meals a day to keep you full throughout the work day. Have a bag of almonds mid-morning and some whole grain crackers and hummus as an afternoon snack.

In Brief

  • If you work in an office, you probably spend the majority of your time sitting at a desk.

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