How Millions Are Losing Weight & Feeling Great!

Discovery of an Easy Diet Program That Really Works

Author: Chris Cox

A week of FREE mouth-watering meals, tasty-healthy food, home-delivered fresh, and a weight-loss program enjoyed by millions, is helping change the way men and women look and feel.

And the pounds are dropping off.

Overweight Americans are going online and "clicking" to - discovering an easy, proven program to lose unwanted pounds and inches. Overweight Americans like Cathy pictured above, who weighed-in before eDiets as a 253 pound, size 24. That was then. This is now. Utilizing powerful online nutritional support and eDiets' Glycemic Impact Meal Plan, Cathy slimmed-down to a size 4, lost 115 unwanted-pounds and is keeping the weight off.

What makes eDiets so effective?

Great tasting food - featuring an affordable home delivery meal program. Over 100 chef-prepared meals to choose from - delivered fresh from the eDiets' kitchen right to your front door. Enjoy lean proteins, smart carbs and nutrient-rich vegetables.

Food Fit for a King or Queen...

In addition to a delicious choice of chef-prepared meals, eDiets offers a generous variety of online diet plans - thousands of recipes - with menus customized to body type, lifestyle, tastes and personal preferences. Enjoy great meals every day - chef-prepared and home-delivered...or cook-up your own with eDiets' online customized menu planning. Two great weight-loss choices for two different budgets. Need answers, a great listener and problem solver too?

You got questions. eDiets has answers. Whatever you choose - meal delivery plan or online diet plan - you always get real-person phone support from certified and registered dietitians along with 24/7 online support. Share your success and your challenges - eDiets lets you share and get the support you need with online community testimonials, inspirational success stories and motivating challenges. You'll never diet-alone again.

A Total Life Style Solution...

It's a fact: Combine moderate exercise with a healthy diet and you shape-up, slim-down and lose weight faster.

Customized menus, recipes and enough food and meal options to delight even the fussiest eater - with eDiets, you eat what you like. And the good news doesn't stop there. As part of a total weight-loss, life-style solution at no additional cost, eDiets trainers will design a personalized fitness plan - for beginner to advanced. It's a fact: Combine moderate exercise with a healthy diet and you shape-up, slim-down and lose weight faster. Bring the virtual-gym to your living room with Virtual Fitness Trainer - hundreds of Web-based animation-exercises available to all eDiets customers. Perform easy-to-learn exercises and along with your personalized fitness plan, watch the pounds and inches disappear.

It's all part of the eDiets difference of healthy weight-loss and healthy living.

Low Cost, Great Recipes, Video Support and a Weight-Loss Guarantee

With all the expensive weight-loss programs on the market today, eDiets provides a refreshing and low-cost change of pace for you and your pocket-book. Start a four-week, full access online diet plan for just .49 per week - and receive:

  • Personalized Results-Driven Meal Plan
  • Unlimited One-On-One Registered Dietitian Support
  • Custom Fitness & Personal Trainer Guidance
  • The Recipe Club - thousands of bursting-with-flavor recipes
  • Total Social Networking Community
  • 3D and Video Training Support
  • Weight Loss Guarantee*

Make a Plan to Lose the Weight

eDiets is so confident you'll reach your goal weight in 6 months or less using the online diet program - that if you don't - they'll give you the next 6 months FREE. Guaranteed Weight-Loss you can live with and lose with.

The Meal Plans

"Best Bang for Your Buck" - Redbook Magazine "Best taste and nutrition" -

That's how two leading media describe eDiets 5-Day and 7-Day Meal Plans. Tantalizing and tasty - a balance of delicious-nutritious and filling food for the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack or dessert. *Choose the 5-Day plan and enjoy 4-great tasting meals each day - a total of 20 meals a week for 1.70, or about .58 per meal. ...or SAVE even more and... *Choose the 7-Day plan and enjoy 4-great tasting meals each day - a total of 28 meals a week for 1.60, or about .77 per meal. Choose either meal-delivery plan, sign-up now and receive the 8th week - one week of FREE meals.

Yes, Guaranteed Results

Whatever meal delivery plan you choose, if cooking isn't your thing or you're short on time and love no-hassle, great tasting chef-prepared meals delivered FedEx fresh and ready-to-eat, then eDiets meal delivery plan is your weight-loss winner. It's the recommended plan for maximum and faster weight-loss. No calorie counting. No cooking. No dishes. Or if you're the creative-culinary type who loves to cook and never met a great recipe he or she didn't like, then give eDiets online diet plan a few short weeks to work its weight-loss magic. Prepare the food, cook-up a tasty feast and lose-up to 10-pounds in 5-weeks. Still don't know which one - meal-delivery or online diet plan - is best for you? Find the perfect plan for your unique tastes, lifestyle, schedule and budget. Take the FREE eDiets Profile now.

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