Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Author: Benjamin Delorenzo

Why is breakfast so important?

You always hear about how breakfast is so important and how this is the one meal you should never skip. Experts often claim that this is especially essential when you are trying to lose weight and be healthier. To most people this advice sounds counter-intuitive because losing weight is suppose to be all about consuming fewer calories, isn't it? In fact, Talking Science says that 50 percent of people skip breakfast regularly. So what's that great about breakfast?

Mayo Clinic nutritionist, Katherine Zeratsky says that eating a healthy breakfast each morning helps you to reduce your hunger throughout the day. If you fill up your stomach at the beginning of the day you are less likely to overeat come lunch or dinner time. When you skip breakfast your body can start producing more insulin which results in increased fat storage, explains Zeratsky.

The Washington Times reports that eating breakfast is also how the body gets pumping with serotonin levels which is responsible for regulating your mood and overall well being. 

Eating breakfast is especially imperative for children and teenagers, according to WebMD. This is because developing brains and bodies rely on a regular food supply for proper growth. A person that skips breakfast and waits until lunch to eat has therefore not eating anything for potentially 13 hours. The medical website explains that for children,  this can create a vary of problems from behavioral to intellectual.

While it can be hard to wake up earlier in order to make breakfast, the energy and clearer thinking you will enjoy throughout the day should make up for the lost time. Consider making a meal that contains a variety of nutrients, carbs and protein. Switch it up every morning to keep things interesting and breakfast fun.

In Brief

  • You always hear about how breakfast is so important and how this is the one meal you should never skip.
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