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How ADT® Home Security Systems Protect Your Family and Home!

Special Offer for Home Owners

Author: Chris Cox

Protecting your loved ones and securing your family's home - its valuables and treasures, should be a number one, top-of-mind priority - an absolute must in a dangerous world. So let's be honest. Have you taken the simple yet crucial steps to make that happen?. The harsh reality is there's a growing number of rough, unsavory characters out there. And some of them could be lurking near your home and your family.

Crime is a 24/7 Profession

In neighborhoods across America - from Bangor to Barstow, Salinas to St. Pete and every city in between - criminals - thousands on any given day at any given time - are planning their next hoist, their next victim - the next "personal violation" of apartments, condos, single family homes - big and small - in all kinds of neighborhoods.

Low, middle and upper income families are vulnerable - crime knows no boundaries.

From petty to violent, the un-thinkable happens daily and while FBI statistics move up and down, the reality is you and your loved ones run a pretty good chance of falling victim to any one of the most common crimes plaguing our nation...and threatening our families.

So Where Do You Start?

Safety starts with just taking charge. Here's a few important things to ALWAYS consider:

  • Making sure all first floor windows have strong locks and bars while also making sure they can be easily opened - from the inside - in case of a fire.
  • Not leaving notes on outside doors for service people or family members - whether you're at home or not.
  • Using motion-detection lighting equipment for increased night-time protection.
  • Installing a reliable, market-tested, consumer-proven, home security system providing ultimate protection at an affordable price. urges you to compare and review the various home security systems on the market as we believe the one resource you and your family should not be without is Electronic Home Security. It's a consumer must-have and could be the most important piece of high-tech your home contains.

ADT® Home Security Systems

We've done our research and while there's a handful of other companies with a range of prices and plans available, our consumer cross-hairs keep coming-back to the one company that's established itself as the pre-eminent leader with a track record to match - ADT® Home Security. Established in 1874, ADT is the largest single provider of electronic security services in North America.

Is Biggest Always Best?

No, not always, but in this case, yes. With 6-million customers, 6-thousand installers and service techs working nationwide, high-speed/ultra-responsive connectivity to 38,000 law enforcement, medical and fire agencies, ADT. offers a combination of technology, personal and service un-matched in the home security industry.

Customer Monitoring Centers Keep It Covered

Worried that Murphy's' Law will suddenly wreak havoc just when you need protection most? Whether it's theft, fire or a random act of nature, ADT's got that covered too. Utilizing five monitoring centers throughout the US, if a service interruption occurs anywhere, your signal is instantly routed to another. Protection and security you can count on 24/7 all year long.

Guaranteed To Please

Insurance premiums too high? An ADT Home Security System may save you up to 20% on your house insurance. That adds-up to some pretty big bucks, an added bonus to the already affordable ADT coverage - with plans starting at only $3599 a month. A one time installation charge and minimum-monitoring agreement qualify you for the one of the best basic service plans anywhere.

Want to save even more? Look for the *Internet Special $250 Cash-Back offer.

Total Peace of Mind...Body and Home

And while home invasion/burglary protection is paramount, ADT Home Security Systems. also offer:

  • Fire Monitoring - with a second-to-none line of defense for smoke and heat sensoring and fire-department notification.
  • Flood Detection - protects and notifies against rising water levels in your home.
  • Low-Temperature Winter Protection - controls to keep pipes from freezing while you're away from home.
  • Senior Medical Emergency - gives seniors one-button-help from anywhere in the home.
  • Video Surveillance - the #1 deterrent to home invasion. Privately monitor your home from your cell phone or laptop - anywhere you have an Internet connection.

At the end of the day, your family's security and safety cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents. It is truly priceless. With home-monitoring plans starting at just a dollar a day, a full array of high-tech products and services, rebate specials, and the biggest priority - your family's safety hanging in the balance, doesn't it make sense to find out more about ADT's Home Security Systems?

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