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Health Insurance for the Uninsured

Government Plan Not Fully Implemented Until 2014

Author: Chris Cox

"There's no such thing as a FREE Lunch" - Milton Friedman, Economist

The same thing could be said about health insurance. And for the vast majority, it will not be FREE - not now, perhaps never - due to increased taxes, individual subsidies or government-mandated citizen contributions.

The good news is there are thousands of "low-cost" private health insurance plans that almost anyone can take advantage of... right now.

As the hot flames of debate refuse to cool, the Federal legislation looks anything but clear. And for the 47 million Americans without health insurance, it's even more confusing. Most major government health care provisions won't take effect until 2014. Many believe the new legislation could be amended - so dramatically - that the future of a viable government plan is un-certain at best.

What does that mean for the uninsured and others lacking good health care coverage?

You should NOT wait for a government plan, whose full benefits may be years away.

It means you should NOT wait for a government plan, whose full benefits may be years away. It also means that a decision to go without health insurance based on the belief that private insurance is simply too expensive, could be financially devastating. If an accident, injury or catastrophic illness happens to you or a family member - being without health insurance - could cost you tens of thousands of dollars...or more! It could even bankrupt you.

Regardless of how government legislation plays out, you should be seeking affordable health insurance and protection NOW through private insurance companies. For many of those lacking coverage or who've never had coverage, finding adequate and affordably priced health insurance has been confusing and time-consuming.

So how do you find the best, least expensive health insurance available and do it quickly...without all the hassle?

Enter: LIFE LINE for the Uninsured

...not just another "e-product" clogging the Net, this web-wonder has already helped 2-million people discover the lowest cost, best health insurance options.

Kiplinger Magazine voted eHealthInsurance the best web site for health insurance quotes. Suze Orman, whose financial insight ranks her as one of the most respected money and life-style advisers, says, "Go to, calling it, "the largest online resource of health insurance." Newsweek Magazine urges its readers to, "shop at eHealthInsurance to compare the basics of a variety of plans."

Our research team confirms eHealthInsurance has the largest selection of health insurance plans to be found anywhere...with instantaneous access to 10-thousand plans from 180 different insurance providers. Finding, applying and getting insurance for any individual including - the self-employed, students, group health plan seekers, women seeking maternity coverage and low income persons looking for best coverage for the best price - is available at one Web location.

Prices of the People, By the People and For the People

Like any good "democracy", this online resource puts power in the hands of the people, giving them ultimate choice. And choice equals access to the best deals around. Since insurance rates and prices are fixed by law, eHealthInsurance web site visitors have direct real-time access to the lowest prices available.

And is fast.

Average time to get a personalized quote, complete the online application...11-minutes. Full approval for some specific plans may require up to one business day.

No matter how you measure "fast", eHealthInsurance is a total solution for individuals, families and small businesses. Compare carriers, including Aetna, Blue Cross /Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Group, WellPoint...and hundreds more. Compare benefits side-by-side, including "Plans with Your Doctor", an easy-to-use tool allowing shoppers to see which plans are accepted by their favorite MD's.

More Peace of Mind

eHealthInsurance never charges additional fees for its you know you're getting un-biased, honest, and consumer-friendly information.

Need a consumer advocate? Got a question regarding a claim? Need help with billing? eHealthInsurance is there. With 24/7 telephone supports, online chat and email.

Want more information about this online powerhouse? Visit and take a test drive for a:

  • No-obligation quote
  • Answers to your most perplexing questions
  • The lowest costs available

You might even discover...just how painless getting health insurance can really be.

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In Brief

Why get an quote?

  • No-obligation
  • Answers to your most perplexing questions
  • The lowest costs available
  • Un-biased, honest, and consumer-friendly information
  • Find the lowest cost health insurance right now at

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