Know Your Current Credit Scores

In the World of Credit, Knowledge is Power

Author: Chris Cox

Did you know your credit score can be your passport to financial freedom? Did you also know that your credit score changes - up or down - frequently? Scores change fast and whether your score is high, low, somewhere in the middle - or even worse "you have no idea" - always knowing your credit score is one of the smartest things you can do. It makes you proactive.

Millions of people are not pro-active, having no idea what their credit score is. They're living on the edge of uncertainty - swimming in deep and dangerous financial waters.

Are you one of those people?

If you're nodding "yes", there's good news. At the Credit Score Center, you can get your credit scores instantly. This free trial offer includes: 3 credit scores, credit change alerts and monitoring, free trial membership, and detailed explanation of what your score means and how it compares to national averages. Starting immediately, you can monitor, track and get your EXACT credit scores and do it with no cost or obligation.

Three Credit Bureaus

Many people are unaware there are three unique and independent credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. When applying for a loan or additional credit, many businesses rely on all three and use what's called your middle score. Think of it as a kind of average.

It's important to monitor all three agencies so you'll know instantly where you're at. Instant online access and email alert notifications when key changes or shifts in your credit life occur.

Credit Dispute Problems - Resolve it online

Have a dispute regarding your score or questionable activity about your credit report? Dispute incorrect credit report information and do it online - quickly and efficiently. In addition to online dispute requests, view your results online and even check the real-time status of any dispute - all from your laptop or smart-phone.

24/7 Monitoring

Are you worried asking for your credit score or credit information will lower your credit score? It won't. You can access your credit score and credit information as often as you like. Each request is considered a "soft" request or "soft" inquiry and will not damage your credit score. Requests are visible only to you - not to creditors. You get peace of mind knowing you have unlimited access to your credit score and credit standing.

Simple and Easy as One, Two, Three...

Get your free credit scores instantly online. Knowing your credit scores could help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra fees and higher interest rates.

Be money-smart and smart with your money. Your credit and peace of mind is too important not to.

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In Brief

  • Your three credit scores change frequently
  • You can dispute credit innaccuracies online
  • Instantly access all three credit scores
  • Checking your own credit score will not lower it

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