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For better or worse, debt has become a fact of life in America. Acceptable debt is the type of debt that allows us to buy our homes, purchase a car, or possibly finance a child's education. However, there is another type of debt that can easily get out of control and do damage to our financial futures: Revolving credit card debt.

Many Americans find it far too easy to reach for the plastic to pay for, what may be, impulse purchases. In addition, tough economic times can often make it necessary to use revolving higher interest credit cards to buy the essentials in life like food, gas, or medicine. When consumers struggle to make ends meet, barely pay monthly minimums each month, or even fall behind in payments, debt relief programs may offer a lifeline that, can not only remove stress, but possibly save a substantial amount of money as well. provides information on these various debt relief programs as well as information and tools to help you better manage your debt, budget, and plan for a strong financial future.