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Four IPhone Apps For Self Help

Author: Dale Smock

Four iPhone apps for self help

Practicing daily self-help techniques is a great way to better both your mind and body. Some people enjoy reading motivational books, others prefer meditation and yoga to practice self-help. A new form of self-help that you may find enjoyable involves your smartphone. There are a variety of iPhone applications that can help you to reflect on your life and improve your overall well being. Consider downloading a few of these great apps today and see if your phone is your new self-help best friend

1. Gratitude Journal - For only $0.99, you can get this electronic journal in the palm of your hand. It allows you to keep a daily record of what you are grateful for. You can even include pictures and motivational quotes. Developed by app maker Happy Trapper it has been reviewed on programs like Oprah, USA Today and Good Morning America.

2. Vision Board - Another amazing app from Happy Trapper, Vision board allows you to create a bulletin board on your phone. Fill the board with pictures and notes that represent goals and dreams and watch them come true. Look at your vision board everyday for as an affirmation of what you hope to accomplish. You are more likely to be successful if you give yourself this little daily reminder.

3. Live Happy - iTunes calls this app a "highly rated professional-grade positive psychology app." It helps you boost your overall happiness which daily activities that will gauge your attitude and mood. Featured in the New York Times and SELF Magazine, Live Happy has excellent reviews.

4. My Instant Coach - Do you ever feel like you need a life coach? This app is exactly that. You select the categories in which your dilemma fits into and it can help you make decisions.It will even check in on you to measure your progress on the situation.

In Brief

  • Practicing daily self-help techniques is a great way to better both your mind and body.

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