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Self Help Techniques To Avoid Procrastination

Author: Velma Lamoureux

Self help techniques to avoid procrastination

"Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today." The famous axiom spoken by Thomas Jefferson. It was something he often said to his peers, children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, for many people this is easier said than done.

After a long day at work no one wants to do laundry, pay bills or do the dishes. It can be very tempting to just put it off until tomorrow -  when you have more time or energy. However, procrastination usually only provides some personal relief for the moment and then anxiety or problems in the long run. Consider what you can do to avoid procrastinating and instead accomplish everything you need to right away.

There are a variety of self help techniques that may help you to eliminate delay. One thing that may help you change your habits is to think of every task as a means to an end. If you are avoiding working on a presentation for school or work, keep in mind what the end result will be once you get the work done. Perhaps it is a stepping stone to graduation or a promotion.

Mind Tools, a website designed to help foster leadership and personal productivity skills, suggests overcoming procrastination by getting yourself rewards. Tell yourself that you are not going to buy that new gadget or enjoy a bowl of ice cream, until you carry out your responsibilities. The source explains that it also may be helpful to have someone that will hold you accountable. If a  spouse, friend or co-worker knows what you have been putting off, they can motivate you to complete it.

Being reluctant to finish important tasks will likely only add more pressure to you and the situation. Try a few of these self help techniques the next time you are feeling yourself procrastinate, and delight in the fact that you tackled your to-do list right away.

In Brief

  • "Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today."

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