Self-help Book Favorites

Author: Arthur Truax

Self-help book favorites

Are you hoping to better your life, your attitude, your finances or your relationships? It is easy to be negative about the aspects of life. In fact, having a negative outlook is common. However, consider the quality of life you could lead by focusing on the positives and working to better yourself from the inside out. There are countless self-help books lining the shelves of your local bookstore, but here are few favorites from the self-help experts.

How to Win Friends and Influence People - This book is often listed as the number one self-help book out there. Written in 1936 by Dale Carnegie, is has stood the test of time and continues to do as the title promises.

The Science of Getting Rich - The Personal Development Coach says that self-help novel by Wallace Wattles this is one of the influential books ever written and it promises that you will not fail if you follow his suggestions.

You Can Change Your Life...Any Time You Want: An Inspirational Guide to Success - This title by Robin Sieger is enough to make you want to start reading right away. The book is said to be inspirational and life changing.

The Anger Control Workbook - Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers are often considered experts in the field, and help readers to identify and cope with anger issues.

Every Day a Friday: How to Be Happier Seven Days a Week - This is a recent Barnes and Noble best seller by Joel Osteen. The teachings in the book are based on spiritual teachings and have great reviews.

Outliers: The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell explains what makes some people stand out in life and what allows them to be successful in their endeavors. Outliers has been called brilliant and entertaining.

In Brief

  • Are you hoping to better your life, your attitude, your finances or your relationships?

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