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How To Pick The Perfect Luggage

Author: Danielle Purnell

 How to pick the perfect luggage

If you have a big trip coming up, you likely want every detail of your travels to go smoothly. Most people think this means consulting a travel agent to book the cheapest airline tickets or shopping online to find the best resort. However, some don't realize that another aspect of a worry-free vacation includes choosing the perfect luggage.

Some travelers are a little hesitant about buying new baggage because they feel like it is unnecessary and expensive. Getting a quality bag does not have to cost you a lot and if your bag is looking worn, an update is certainly worth the money.

You can either buy a luggage set that includes bags of varying sizes, or if you are hoping to save money you can purchase a single bag. Consider your specific needs for this trip and keep upcoming travels in mind when selecting the luggage that is perfect for you. Also check the airline's requirements on bag size. Independent Traveler explains most airlines require that a carry-on bag does not have a combined width and height more than 45 inches and a checked bag more than 62 inches.

As you shop for luggage, you will notice that some have hard shells while others are soft. Choosing a hard or soft bad is largely based on preference although, you may want to keep in mind that a soft bag will probably be better for a carry on as it will be able to fit in the overhead bin better.

In terms of luggage color, consider getting something that will stand out among all of the other black bags. You will be able to find your bag easier on the conveyor belt if it is bright red or features a unique design.

In Brief

  • If you have a big trip coming up, you likely want every detail of your travels to go smoothly.

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