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Should I Hire A Travel Agent?

Author: Benjamin Delorenzo

Should I hire a travel agent?

Most people are very comfortable with arranging certain travel plans. For example, you don't need any assistance planning your annual family vacation to the beach or booking airline tickets to your in-laws house for Thanksgiving. But what about the trips that aren't so common - a vacation to Europe or cruise to Bermuda? There are so many little details in planning a trip of that magnitude you may have considered hiring a travel agent to help with the arrangements.

However, when you think about the added costs using an agent will contribute to your travel bill, you may be a little hesitant on whether you really need one or not. Therefore, consider some of the situations in which hiring a travel agent may be worth the added expense.

The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch explains that you may want to enlist the help of an agent if you are pressed for time. This is because it can be very time consuming to pick the perfect hotel or resort, find deals on airfare and work out all of the other details of traveling. Hiring a professional can save you valuable time and effort when you are in a pinch. Furthermore, the news outlet states that it may also be a good idea to use an agent if you are traveling with an elderly or ill individual. A person will special needs could require particular accommodations on the trip that an agent will have experience securing.

Travel agents can also be very helpful in that they often promote hotels and packages they are familiar with, CNN Money says. This means that you will likely be using services that have been successful in the past. It can also help you to get additional perks on the way because the agent may have, for instance, developed a relationship with the hotel staff over the years.

In Brief

  • Most people are very comfortable with arranging certain travel plans.

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