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The Most Lavish Hotel Rooms In The World

Author: Susie Epperson

The most lavish hotel rooms in the world

Staying in a hotel is often a fairly utilitarian undertaking - a place to stay while we're between places or when our home is being fumigated. In these circumstances, we often pick our resting place based on a fairly simple metric, the least expensive or nearest by.

However, for some people, staying at a hotel is an expensive and lavish luxury. These travelers select their hotel rooms, not on bare-bones utility, but on extravagance.

Where do these worldly wanderers stay? Here's a list of some of the most bounteous, expensive hotel rooms on the planet.

The Sultan's Suite in Kempinski, Istanbul
As the name implies, this suite was remodeled specifically for Sultan Abdülaziz in 1857, according to CNN. Home for a time to many visiting dignitaries and celebrities, this collection of rooms features its own swimming pool, helicopter service and butler. Plus, with period art and other expensive furnishings, this room is sure to make any regal visitors - such as Prince Charles, who once visited - feel right at home.

The Joule, Dallas
With a compelling, thoroughly modern decorations and furnishings, the penthouse suite at this hotel is one of the most stylish in the world. It's multi-story layout and martini bar make it a good choice for A-list celebrities. Also, the original art ensure that your stay here will be more than just an opportunity for relaxation.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
The royal suites in this hotel feature their own terraces and historic French antiques. Marble bathrooms with steam rooms allow guests to relax in a way that few hotels can match. Plus with crystal chandeliers and other ornate touches, these suites make even a normal visitor feel like a Parisian king. At almost $25,000 a night, what else would you expect?

In Brief

  • Here's a list of some of the most bounteous, expensive hotel rooms on the planet.

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