Tips For Packing Light

Author: Scott Burleigh

Tips for packing light

As people across the country begin envisioning their summer vacations, many start jotting down their packing lists. Toiletries, clothes, computers, guide books - the list can get long pretty quickly. However, with increased baggage fees from airlines and the burden of carrying more than you need, this summer may be a good time to think about packing light.

Although it's hard to decide which possessions to leave out, packing less can be a time, money and stress saver in the long run. Here are a few tips to keep your suitcases excess-free.

Scrimp on the outfits
Although you always want to look your best on a vacation, packing the essentials - plus one or two nice outfits - is likely more than enough. Aim for comfort, not glamor, and you will find that you are happy with what you brought. Also, most hotels have laundry facilities, which means that you can always wash them if you need to.

Stay organized
You'll be surprised by how much space a little planning can save you. Making a list of everything you'll need and organizing it in piles before you start packing will help you visualize what you have. Moreover, thinking about the order you will need your supplies can assist you in deciding what to pack at that bottom of suitcases and what to put on top for easy access.

Leave the toiletries behind
Unless you're going on a complete wilderness vacation, you will likely be able to find all the bathroom supplies you need at your destination. Not only will leaving the shampoo and toothpaste help you get through airport security more quickly, it will take some unnecessary weight off you too.

It's easy to feel like you need to prepare for every possible situation as you pack, but by erring on the side of less, you're likely to find you don't miss what you left behind.

In Brief

  • Here are a few tips to keep your suitcases excess-free.

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