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Adventures In Babysitting: Tips For Selecting The Right Sitter

Author: Dennis Mock

Adventures in babysitting: tips for selecting the right sitter

Picking the right babysitter can be a stressful endeavor. What if you're kids don't like him? How do you know if you can trust her? If you want to avoid fretting over your childcare on your night out, here are some suggestions for finding the perfect sitter.

Where to look
It used to be that you could rely solely on family members or people you know well to care for your kids in your absence. While this is typically no longer the case, you can still use that principle to help in your current search. Ask for recommendations from family members, see if your friends' children are interested or search within your own community.

Pick someone in line with your family
While general skills and experience are important qualities of any good sitter, finding someone whose personality meshes with your family can be just as important. Spend some time during the interview asking about your potential babysitter's interests and hobbies. Keeping transitions as tranquil as possible by maintaining constancy can make it easier for everybody.

Spend one session observing
If possible, it's a good idea to stick around for part or all of the first time with a new sitter. This way unforeseen questions can be answered and you can get a sense of what the interaction looks like. You don't need to hover like a helicopter for the whole time - cleaning or catching up on work are good ideas - but being there can help set a standard for each subsequent session.

Talk to your kids
When you get back, ask your kids about how it went. Did they like him or her? How did they spend the time? Beginning a discussion can help you envision what it was like while you were gone and allow you to adjust for the next time.

In Brief

  • Picking the right babysitter can be a stressful endeavor.

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