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Five Home Trends From The Past To Avoid

Author: Danielle Purnell

Five home trends from the past to avoid

Have you ever gone into a friend's home and wondered if anyone has updated the carpet since 1970? Outdated aspects of a home are a huge turn off to visitors and it can drastically decrease your resale value. Therefore, take a look at some of these trends from yesteryear and make sure your house isn't guilty of a blast-from-the-past misdemeanor. 

1. Shag carpet - Perhaps the ugliest home trend popularized in the seventies is the shag carpet. Not only are these extremely unappealing, but they are so closely associated with this time period that people will know, or at least think, that you have not gotten your carpets replaced in 40 years. Furthermore, these polyester carpets were notorious for capturing dirt so it can make your house seem unsanitary.

2. Foil wallpaper - This metallic wallpaper is also a trend from the 1970s. Available in a variety of colors including silver and gold, foil wallpaper was usually seen in the bathroom or kitchen. If your home includes some of this, replace it with freshly painting walls and notice what a difference it makes.

3. Bubble ceilings - Sometimes referred to as popcorn ceilings, these are still seen in some older homes that have not be inhabited in a while. Although common at one point, older bubble ceilings can be very dangerous as they contain asbestos, a heat resistant material that is thought to cause cancer.

4. Pink overload - Let's face it, you never see a modern home with pink carpet, pink counter tops or pink curtains in a kitchen or living room. These days the only place in the home where pink is acceptable is in a little girl's room. Most shades of pink will look outdated in any other part of the house. However, if you love pink consider a pink with a hint of peach for the dining room. This is classic option that is seen in some colonial homes.

5. Wood paneling - A 1960s fad, wood paneling usually looks very outdated in a living room or bedroom. It often also makes the room look very dark. Although, it can be expensive to replace with dry wall so consider simply painting over it. Stop by your local home improvement store for tips on how to do this based on your situation.

In Brief

  • Have you ever gone into a friend's home and wondered if anyone has updated the carpet since 1970?

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