Getting Back In The Groove Of Reading During Your Spare Time

Author: Sarah Kunkle

Getting back in the groove of reading during your spare time

For some, a stigma exists today characterizing reading as a dull and tedious activity. Although a badly written book can be about as much fun as watching paint dry, a great read should be the opposite of boring. Nonetheless, this unfair assessment of reading does persist in some circles, and it can be hard to shake.

If you find that you want to read when you have some spare time, but are having trouble getting interested in it or the activity itself seems difficult, a few culprits could be to blame. Fortunately, they can be dealt with fairly easily.

First, let's talk about getting interested in a book. It requires investment to read - you're giving up time, thought and in some cases emotional involvement. When you find the book that's right for you, this won't feel like work, but in the mean time you might need some help.

You should start by looking for a book that you know you'll like. If you want fiction and are interested in a certain type of story - romance, crime, science fiction or realistic drama - use that as your compass. Also, although you should always be open to suggestions from friends and family who know you well, don't be persuaded to read a book solely on the basis of its popularity - or its prestige, for that matter.

If the process of reading itself is bothering you - giving you headaches or causing you to strain your eyes - you might simply need reading glasses. You should make an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologist as soon as possible to figure out how best to deal with this problem.

Finally, it can be helpful to read in a quiet, well-lit place if you're just getting back into the activity, but once you recall how joyful it can be, you'll have a hard time finding places where you don't want to read. 

What was the last great book you read?

In Brief

  • For some, a stigma exists today characterizing reading as a dull and tedious activity.

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