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Getting Your Home Ready For The Winds Of Winter

Author: Susie Epperson

Getting your home ready for the winds of winter

That wonderful in-between zone that bridges summer and fall is in full swing right now. It can be cool, but never really cold except for the occasional chilly night. Some days are still warm - sometimes even muggy, due to precipitation-related humidity - but it never gets too hot. For many people, this part of the season is a real sweet spot as far as weather is concerned.

Unfortunately it's not to last, as winter, like every other season cannot be denied. You'd do well to take this fairly tranquil climate and make the most of it. Additionally, now is a great time to get your house and property all set for when winter finally does choose to rear its ugly head.

The main things to look for are problems that increase your home's exposure to cold air. Any cracks in the siding, foundation, roof, chimney, door and window frames, vents, air conditions and much more, regardless of their size or number, will drain the warmth of your home.

Not only does this put everyone in a sour mood by turning the house into an icebox (after a while, at least), but it constitutes a waste of heating dollars. If you leave cracks unattended, you'll hear that whistling wind sound and know that it's Old Man Winter cracking up with laughter as he siphons your wallet.

If you end up finding cracks, you can use caulk and weather stripping to seal them. Before getting started, be sure your house is ventilated and won't trap any harmful indoor substances - dust, carbon dioxide, etc, and clean the cracks themselves so the sealant settles into them.

Use the caulking gun properly by applying it in a continuous burst until the crack is filled - hesitant, stop-and-go application won't work as well. Finish up by applying weather stripping when necessary and feel satisfied with your efforts. 

In Brief

  • That wonderful in-between zone that bridges summer and fall is in full swing right now.

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