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How To Select A Reliable Contractor For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Author: Scott Burleigh

How to select a reliable contractor for your next home improvement project

With the right tools, simple improvements to your house and property can often be handled on your own, with the right tools. However, more complex and significant renovations may well require professional help.

As a result, you'll probably want to begin looking for the proper contractor for the job. This task involves several important considerations, including determining the type of contractor you need, comparing and contrasting the services and fees offered by different individuals and their firms, and conducting due diligence as to their qualifications and history of customer satisfaction.

First, consider the improvements your home needs. For specific jobs, like kitchen or bathroom installations, you may want to go with a specialty contractor who concentrates solely on that line of work. If you need a number of different specific additions, you may be better off choosing a general contractor, who will be able to hire and oversee subcontractors to manage individual tasks while he manages the job as a whole.

Once you've chosen a few contractors who seem promising, interview them individually, or research them through your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce. Determine their history in the business, look at what jobs they've done often and which they have rarely or never approached, and make sure they have all necessary certifications in accordance with your local or state laws.

You may also want to ask prospective contractors about their insurance offerings. They should be ready and able to cover costs related to property damage, worker's compensation and general personal liability. Since you'll likely be paying a substantial amount for their services - which you should also understand fully by receiving a reasonable estimate - you don't want to deal with any costs you could have avoided.

Do you have any essential home improvement tasks coming up in the future, that are beyond your skills to make?

In Brief

  • With the right tools, simple improvements to your house and property can often be handled on your own, with the right tools.

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