Ways To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Author: Bobby Warnock

Ways to stay cool without air conditioning

As the summer heats up, many people will begin searching for ways to stay cool. If you have air conditioning, this might not be too difficult. However, that method can be too expensive, overly power-intensive or simply unavailable for some. If that is the case, the summer can begin to look like a daunting and oppressive season.

Here are some ways to keep your home cool without resorting to air conditioning.

Minimize sunshine
One way to beat the heat is by limiting the power of its greatest source, the sun. Keeping blinds closed during the day is one simple way, although installing stronger versions might be more effective. Stay away from black drapes and installing interior shutters can have a significant impact.

Fan favorites
Although much less powerful than air conditioning units, fans can contribute mightily in your quest to stay cool. Although the breeze feels good, placing fans in windows to expel hot air and bring the cooler stuff in is typically more effective.

Ceiling fans are also useful ways to circulate air and provide a constant breeze.

Water is one of nature's fiercest competitors in the fight against overheating. Keep cold drinking water on hand, but also employ the restorative liquid in other ways. Filling buckets to cool your feet and using a spray bottle for periodic spritzes can be a surprisingly helpful techniques. And, of course, cold showers.

Get rid of excess heat
Ovens, dryers and other appliances generate heat as they operate. Limiting your need to use them and keeping cooking to a minimum can keep the temperature of your house down. Light bulbs also create some heat, so keeping lights off can help keep rooms cool.

Use the wind to your advantage
Although there may be days when the air is sticky and heavy, if there are times when there is a breeze, utilize it. Open windows on all sides of your house to cross-ventilate.

In Brief

  • Here are some ways to keep your home cool without resorting to air conditioning.
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