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See if you qualify for debt relief...

Author: Walter Burch

For millions of Americans in need of relief from credit cards and other debts, there is some welcome news: There are a variety of debt relief options available that could, depending on your situation, help to reduce interest rates, remove fees and penalties, lower payments, and possibly even allow you to settle debt for substantially less than you owe.

To see what debt relief could do for you and to receive a free estimate of your projected savings under a debt relief program, you can request a free ten minute
debt relief analysis and savings estimate.

Why Has Debt Relief Become More Popular?

Recent laws that have made it more difficult for individuals and families in debt to qualify for bankruptcy have made debt relief options much more attractive to many consumers. However, it is important to know how various debt relief programs work in order to understand if there is a debt relief option that will properly meet your needs. In general, debt relief programs are designed to help get individuals out of debt as quickly as possible and on the path to financial freedom. If you're exploring debt relief options and wondering how much you could save, take a moment to answer a few simple questions.

Will Debt Consolidation Help?

If you have at least $2500 in credit cards and other unsecured debts such as medical bills, store charge cards, gas cards, etc. - a debt management program through a credit counseling agency could help you combine, or consolidate, all of your unsecured debts into a single, lower payment each month. By making a single lower payment each month to cover all your unsecured debts, and by not continuing to ring up additional high interest credit card charges - a debt consolidation or debt management plan (DMP) could be the answer to help you pay off debts at an accelerated rate so you can become debt free relatively quickly.

How Does Debt Settlement Work?

For consumers who are buried in high credit card debts, a debt settlement program may allow those credit card debts to be "forgiven" or "settled" for much less than the full amount owed. With debt consolidation you are paying back all that you owe, just at a pace and amount you can afford each month. With debt settlement, you are hoping to settle debts for substantially less than you owe. While debt settlement will negatively impact your credit report, it does not have as severe and long lasting of an impact on credit as bankruptcy. Debt settlement has become more and more popular with consumers who are burdened with high credit card debt, have fallen behind with their bills, and have very little hope of paying it back in full.

By answering a few basic questions online, consumers can receive a free debt relief savings estimate at no obligation.

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In Brief

  • Millions of Americans are in debt
  • Debt relief options are available
  • You can request a free debt relief analysis
  • Debt settlement may allow debts to be settled or forgiven
  • Recent laws have made it more difficult to file for bankruptcy.
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