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Mutual Funds - Diversify for Success

Maximize Returns and Optimal Growth

Author: Chris Cox

In Real Estate... it's location, location, location. In the Stock Market, it's diversification, diversification, diversification. Purchase a hundred individual stocks...or simplify your life and buy mutual funds -- one, two, or three...or invest in a family of funds. Found online at, Ameriprise is the largest financial planner in the US, featuring 250 fund families for maximum diversification.

Why Mutual Funds?

In an increasingly complex investment arena, investors seek and need a hedge...a hedge in a global economy with no signs of consistent predictability. "These are tough times", writes one well-known financial blogger. A sentiment held from Wall Street to Main Street and one re-iterated by thousands of financial analysts world-wide.

Even mega investor and billionaire Warren Buffet admits the last two years has been tough. But not tough-enough to stop "The Oracle of Omaha" from tremendous investments and tremendous returns. For those finding Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway per share price a bit steep - trading in December of 2010 at a whopping $120,000 - is that despite tough times, profits and successful market investing does and will continue to exist.

For the average investor, diversification through mutual funds is one sure-fire way to succeed in the market.

More is Better.

One of mutual fund's strengths is its Economy of Scale. Think of each fund as a basket of individual, different companies and different stocks. Put simply: purchase mutual funds and you'll save up-front costs and fees when investing. Mutual funds trading costs are a fraction of stocks, so savings is passed on to individual investors. If you focus on no load mutual funds, you'll pay no commissions - further enhancing portfolio performance.

And Speaking of...

In 2010, with the Dow gaining around 1,500 points, - mutual funds, especially bond funds - performed better than expected. In any market, however - up, down, or sideways, it's not always what you make or don't make that's what you save.

Buying and selling of stocks or funds with any broker has a transaction cost or fee. In some cases, commissions are charged and vary from broker to broker. It pays to consider both load and no-load funds, with different and corresponding commissions and transactions fees.

One smart way to mitigate costs is a fee-managed account. Depending on total assets under management determines the percentage charged for each buying or selling transaction. The higher your portfolio, the lower your fee on a per dollar basis. A fee-managed account is truly WIN-WIN. Well and strategically-managed accounts can and do result in portfolio growth. The broker benefits, you benefit. Growth is good for both sides - truly capitalism as its very best.

The financial planners at Ameriprise are gearing-up for increased interest and activity in the mutual fund sector. Featuring more than 2,500 diversified mutual funds, Ameriprise serves more clients than any other financial planner in the country. Measured in dollars, Ameriprise has $440 billion under management with a future, despite so called "tough times", that's full-sale ahead.

Families - In Unity There is Strength...

It's no fable, but as philosopher Aesop once said: "In unity there is strength". And what greater way to insure strength than with a family of solid and strategically chosen mutual funds.

So What's An Investor to Do?

In a word, invest. But as any investment manager worth his or her salt will tell you, never throw caution to the wind. With sound investment planning and a proven, portfolio manager, you can and will out-perform the market.

In Brief

  • Mutual Funds Provide Diversification
  • Ameriprise is the Largest Financial Planner in the U.S.
  • The Benefit of No Load Funds: You Pay No Commissions
  • Ameriprise features over 2500 Diversified Funds in its Family of Funds

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