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Successful Hiding Tactics For Avoiding The Credit-card-fraud Boogeyman

Author: John Hack

Successful hiding tactics for avoiding the credit-card-fraud boogeyman

Credit card fraud and identity theft - they're two very scary things. Although it's not fair to assume that either one will affect you, it's entirely possible that they could if you aren't careful. Considering how serious the consequences of these possible happenings could be, it's essential to take precautions to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Most of these practices involve keeping track of your credit and debit cards, and all materials pertaining to these small but incredibly valuable pieces of plastic. Some of them might sound a bit excessive, but you can never be too careful.

The second you get ahold of a new credit or debit card, sign it immediately and keep it in a secure place. You may want to keep it separate from the rest of your wallet - in a business card holder or another compact but secure place.

As far as documentation related to your card is concerned, you'll want to keep some of it in a safe place and destroy the rest of it. For example, document your credit account numbers, expiration dates and the contact information for the financial institution attached to it, and save your receipts until you get your billing statements and can compare for accuracy.

Once you've done this, destroy the receipts. Be sure to immediately destroy carbon copies from plastic purchases - the duplicate receipt that has "CUSTOMER COPY" imprinted on it.

If you notice any questionable or problematic charges that you're convinced you didn't make, contact your creditor or bank immediately. Everybody makes mistakes, so such an error could be your own fault, but you need to be sure. If a problem has arisen that requires immediate action, your card issuer will help you cancel the compromised account and take proper action. 

Do you take any precautions against identity theft?

In Brief

  • Credit card fraud and identity theft - they're two very scary things.

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