Used Up: A List Of Things Not To Buy Second-hand

Author: Thomas Pray

Used up: A list of things not to buy second-hand

In times of economic hardship, people commonly look for ways to scrimp and save. Whether this means limiting dining at restaurants, cancelling a cable subscription or taking public transportation more frequently, little cost-saving techniques can add up quickly.

Another common way to save money is to buy as many products second-hand as possible. Shopping at thrift stores and yard sales can be an effective way to save on everything from clothing to electronics.

However, this tactic is not always a prudent move. While some items are well suited to being purchased used, others are not. Here are a few things that are probably best bought new.

Car seats
Protecting children in cars is a serious responsibility, and shouldn't be left to chance. Car seats are regularly upgraded and improved to be made as safe as possible. For this reason, it is probably wise to splurge and buy one that is guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Although mattresses are expensive and a hassle to move, it is a good idea to stick to new ones. When you buy a mattress, you are sometimes getting more than meets the eye - dead skin cells, hair and even bed bugs. You have little to go on in terms of the previous owner's maintenance, so you can never be exactly sure what you're lying on.

Few things evolve as quickly as televisions. Last year's model is likely significantly less sophisticated than this year's. If a TV is several years old, it's essentially a different species. Instead of looking for a used version, you can save money by searching for an especially good deal on a current model. 

In Brief

  • Here are a few things that are probably best bought new.

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